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Picking Up Packages 101
Please remember, when coming in to pick up your packages, you need
to have received an email FROM US saying it is ready for pick-up.
We receive several hundred packages every day, and logging them in takes time.
If you receive an email from Amazon, or UPS, or somebody saying
'its delivered'... please understand this not the same as
'its ready for pick-up'! We will not be able to stop what we are doing to
give you the package, until it is logged into our system.
We wish this wasn't necessary, but we have no option but to insist on this policy.

Sign-up for package receiving online, and get your address right away.
No waiting for next-day registration.
No need to phone and register.
Register on-line and get your shipping address right now.

Wednesday & Friday - open until 7:30PM
Check store hours for details

For a "FRIEND" to pick up a package for you, they MUST be registered in your list of FRIENDS... AND they MUST know the 6 digit package number of the package they are picking up. You can get this number from the email we send you notifying you the package has arrived, or by logging into your account and reviewing the packages you have received. If your "Friend" is not registered OR does not have the PMAP Package ID Number, we will NOT be able to give them any packages. We Regret this policy change, but it has become necessary due to too many Friends not knowing what they are picking up, and taking significant amounts of staff time to complete what should be a simple transaction.

What we do?

Pacific Mail & Parcel is a full service U.S. mailbox rental, shipping, receiving, and warehousing company. We provide Canadian businesses and individuals with a U.S. street address, and the ability to ship and receive mail, parcels, and palletized frieght shipments between themselves and anywhere in the United States without the added expense and trouble of international shipping or mailing.

Mailbox Rentals

Receive mail at a U.S. Street Address with 24 hour access in our secure mailboxs. 24-hour parcel pick-up is also available.



Package Receiving

Receiving Packages is easy at Pacific Mail and Parcel. Call today to sign up. For just $14 per year, you get a U.S. street address for all your shipments.


Freight Receiving

Mail, Parcels, and Freight... we do them all! Our warehouse provides safe and secure storage, and our fork-lift does the heavy lifting


Storage Lockers

Short term and long term storage available. 24-hour parcel pick up for mailbox customers.


Cross Dock

Let Pacific Mail & Parcel handle your Cross-dock shipments. If you have shipments needing to be consolidated or distributed, we can arrange the shipping, distribution, and consolidation of your goods.