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Pacific Mail and Parcel is closing its business after 15 years. To ensure the smooth delivery of your packages, both now and in the future, we are referring our custmers to Mailboxes International. Customers from Pacific Mail and Parcel who use this referral Program to transfer their service to Mailboxes International will receive two free package pick-ups. To start the process of having your current packages moved to the MBI store, please log-in from this page, and confirm that you wish to move your service to Mailboxes International.

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(This was emailed to customers August 23rd)

The Beginning of The End

Dear friends and extended family of Pacific Mail and Parcel. I want to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for the many years of being a part of our company. Over these past fifteen years we have received over 800,000 parcels for you. During the past year I was hoping for the day when we would see the 1 millionth parcel. A milestone we never would have dreamt possible when we first opened our business. And now, in a world turned upside down, it is a milestone which unfortunately will not happen at all. Due to several factors all working against us, and in spite of our best efforts, we are closing Pacific Mail and Parcel. Saturday August 27th will be our final day doing business. It is the last day you can come to our warehouse to pick up your mail and parcels.

What this means for you and your packages

First, we are referring customers and moving everything to a nearby business, Mailboxes International. MBI is a mailbox rental and package receiving company just like ours which has been in business for over 25 years. They are located a one minute drive from our store. Both the current and previous owners of MBI are people I consider friends, and I can honestly say that you will be in good hands using MBI for your package and mailbox needs.

Second, starting Wednesday August 24th, we will move all your incoming packages and mail to MBI. (It will take a couple of days to straighten everything out, so please be patient) You can pick these items up at MBI just as you have done in the past at Pacific Mail and Parcel. Their fees are slightly different than ours, so some packages might actually be less expensive. After the move, you will have one opportunity to pick up all your packages from MBI without registering to become a member. Any additional pick-ups will need to be by members of MBI and you will need to sign-up and pay their annual membership fee. ( Please note: If you recently signed up or renewed your annual registration or mailbox rent at Pacific Mail and Parcel, we will work with you to get you a partial/prorated refund of the fees you paid to us.)

Third, Current Packages. Packages which are in our warehouse will be moved to MBI's location for you to pick-up IF it was delivered this year (2022). Older Packages (those packages received before January 1st, 2022) will be delivered to MBI IF, and only if, you request the packages to be moved, AND you pay the storage and package fees on the Pacific Mail and Parcel website, by creating a Pick-up Reservation AND making the payment at that time. All Older Packages which are not paid for will be considered abandoned and handled accordingly. We do have pretty much every package that we've received during the past two and a half years, so if you are uncertain, we most likely do have it. It is also understandable if you do not want something you purchased in 2018 or 1019, which we have several of as well. These unclaimed items will be added to the ebay store we have set up for that purpose.

Fourth, and this is very important...Please do not contact UPS, FedEx, The Postal Service, DHL, or any other shipping company asking for your goods. (And definitely do not try to stop a driver on the road as you may be violating federal statutes dealing with inter-state freight, and you could be arrested.) They will not 'find your package' and or forward it for you. We receive thousands of packages a month, and they do not have time to pick out your package to go to one location, someone else's packages to a different location, and so on and so on. Your incoming packages addressed to 1300 Boblett Street will be delivered to Mailboxes International where you can pick them up.

As our way of saying thank you, and MBI's way of welcoming you, we have negotiated a special deal with Mailboxes International. Any of our customers who sign-up for their service and pay the annual fee at MBI will receive 2 free packages. These packages must be addressed to you at the MBI store address. And you must complete the sign-up process no later than December 15th, 2022 to receive the two free package pick-ups. To get these free packages, you must start the process by logging in to this form, AND you need to include the promo code PMAP when giving your address to MBI. More about that after you log-in.

We will be trying to maintain access to mail and parcels addressed to 1300 Boblett Street for as long as possible. But please realize that different carriers will help out for different lengths of time, and the use of the old address is not guaranteed. It is important that you sign up for your service at Mailboxes International as soon as you can in order to ensure your packages are delivered to you properly.

To learn more about Mailoboxes International, you can visit their website. Before signing in, be sure to return to this page and complete step 1 in transferring your service and receiving the two free packages.